Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go Test Yourself

It's an interesting concept, one which I have not tried yet, but have often contemplated - ordering my own blood test.  By-passing the doctor completely and paying an independent laboratory out of my own pocket.

A few potential issues with this is: 
  • will you be able to decipher the results
  • what if there is a problem
  • what if you have more questions
At that point, you could bring the results to your doctor and begin the conversation from there.

Why would you want to do this?

Well, what if you don't have insurance or for that matter even a doctor?

There have been a few times, that I had wished I knew of somewhere to go to have a routine blood test performed.

Once, when I thought and actually was/am suffering from food allergies and knew that a blood test was more accurate than the 15-minute prick test.  Another when I was mega dosing on Vitamin D and I had the damndest time getting my doctor to do a blood test to determine if I was nearing the toxicity level for this vitamin.  Then again when I decided to change from a Prescatarian diet (vegan/vegetarian who eats fish) to a vegan diet; I wanted to see if my "numbers" were improving.  Frankly because I had just found out that I had high cholesterol (unacceptable!) and because your numbers can drastically improve within 3 weeks of eating better.  But, I had just had a blood test, so there was no way the insurance was going to pay for another and it would be another battle with the doc.

So, three cases in which I would have loved to have a laboratory in my back pocket.  And frankly, three times when I didn't need a doctor or the added expense of an office visit to get to the answers I was seeking.

Where can you go?

While reading an unrelated article, I came across two such laboratories - and

Like I said, I've never done it - but I'll be bookmarking these two companies just in case.

Stay Healthy!
The Hoff


  1. I'd recommend, also, Labcorp for certain other tests. And please check with your local CVS, Walgreens, and local community outreach programs--they offer clinics and annual check up type test for people in their area for things like cholesterol and blood sugar, at low or not cost.

  2. Awesome! I was wondering about local places - thanks BeeBee!