Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ask The Hoff: Shot Glass?


I noticed in one of your posts recently, a picture with a shot glass in the background.  Drinking doesn't seem like something The Healthy Hoff would do.

What gives?


Dear  Disenchanted,

I find your acute observational skills both enduring and freaky at the same time...(is someone watching me).

Anyway, it's not what you think, I swear!

While, The Healthy Hoff does not condemn drinking alcohol as unhealthy per say, it's just not my thing and never has been.

The shot glass in question is actually used for when I am sautéing.  I keep it on the counter for emergencies, because it's a quick way to get 2 tablespoons of water into my pan, which is the perfect amount.  Typically this comes into play when I set the heat too high and my veggies get away from me. I use water instead of oil to keep things from burning to the pan.

See, not all is what it seems.  I hope your faith in me has been restored.

Here's To You!
The Hoff

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