Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free Book: "25 Amazing (& Weird) Facts About How Food is Made"

Check out "25 Amazing (& Weird) Facts About How Food is Made," which you can get for free as a downloadable PDF, by simply providing your email address.  (As an added bonus, you will be subscribed to The Health Ranger's daily newsletter.)

With this super quick read, you'll learn fun & disturbing things such as:
  • How popcorn pops!
  • What makes teas different - white, green, black, oolong...
  • Raw pickles contain healthy probiotics & where to find them!
  • Citrus-flavored sodas are made with a toxic flame-retardant chemical that's banned in over 100 countries (but not the USA).
  • Chinese restaurant "soy sauce" is actually a toxic chemical imitation of real soy sauce.
  • When French fries are fried, they produce a toxic, cancer-causing chemical that you'll never see listed on ingredients labels.
  • TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) often contains a highly toxic non-food product that's used as a commercial pesticide.
  • Most margarine products are actually made with dairy-derived ingredients.
  • Gelatin, used in Jell-O and jams, is made from from the boiled skin and cartilage of cows and pigs.
  • How a high-tech company reverse-engineered the human genome to develop chemically-targeted taste blockers and enhancers that are added to snack foods.
Get The Facts!
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