Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hoff Hit: Enoughs, Enough - Protein

Human breast milk is comprised of 5% Protein - at a time when we grow the fastest and require the most protein of our lives, 5% is all we need.

For perspective, rice contains 8% Protein, oranges 8%, potatoes 11% and beans 26%.  Therefore, we can and do get all the protein we need from fruits, vegetables, starches and grains.

So the next time someone asks how you get your protein if  "you don't eat no meat" (name that movie!) - tell them relax, I got it covered.


  1. It scares me that people think meat is the only or best source of protein... given that proteins are essential for any biological function, including that of plants growing. Love some peanut butter!

  2. dude! (i felt like i had to comment on this because it's the number one response people give when they find out someone doesn't eat meat)

    i don't have any other insightful comments other than "dude!"

    Seriously. Dude.

  3. Seriously Radio, I just laughed out loud!

    But I hear ya, I always get hung up on that question, but now that I have some stats in my back pocket, I am so ready...bring it!

  4. Honestly, I don't give a crud what other people eat, but when someone acts concerned that I'm dying of malnutrition, meanwhile they haven't made eye contact with fresh fruit or vegetables in days, I really get miffed.
    Besides, protein isn't nearly as important as riboflavin. It's essential for time travel.