Saturday, September 17, 2011

Really - it's that much of a hardship?

I an constantly amazed at the unwillingness of people to change their diet and lifestyle to save their own life.

Upon receiving a diagnosis of Heart Disease or Cancer and facing life threatening operations and a lifetime of expensive and potentially equally harmful medications, instead of researching the fact that a vegan diet can arrest, reverse or prevent such diseases, the first words I hear are, "I can't give up meat."

Really?  It's the meat that got you where you are and you want to keep shoveling it in.

As a child of parents, here's my point of view: 

You made a conscious decision to have children and with that comes responsibility, among which includes being around as long as humanly possible for them and not in a burdensome state either.

So next time you start to whine that you want to enjoy your life now to justify inhaling that Big Mac, stop and think about the bigger consequences: your kids putting their life on hold to care for your ailing health and watch your slow death or them standing over your grave wishing they would have had more time with you.

The Hoff


  1. I think you're painting a very broad picture here saying that MEAT is the reason for the heart disease, especially when you're then talking about a fast-food diet. I would say that the act of eating the big mac, more than likely accompanied by deep-fried french fries, a sugar soda (or worse, an artificially sweetened one) may be more to blame the the beef patties sitting between those 3 buns which are slathered with special sauce.

    I think there are a lot of factors that accompany heart disease that can be contributors, before blanket-statementing about the evils of meat. Smoking, for one. Environment, for another. I've just read that the chlorine in your shower water can give you cancer, seeping into your body during a nice hot shower. So really, a lot of things to consider before judging and jurying everyone.

  2. Also, YES, it really IS that much of a hardship, the weighloss industry wouldn't be booming and people wouldn't struggle so hard to change their eating habits. You paint a picture that it's just a no-brainer easy thing to do, to totally transform your lifestyle at the drop of a hat. It is hard. And I don't think your grown child who belittles your life choices makes it any easier. What's wrong with thanking the parent for trying their best?

  3. And I really find your choice of word "Inhaling" interesting, and communicates just the right touch of superiority of you vs. anyone who dares to eat a Big Mac. I'm offended for the Big Macs of the world!