Monday, September 5, 2011

Ask The Hoff: Calorie Counter


You don't reference the calories for any of the recipes you post.

What's up?

Calorie Conscious

Dear Calorie Conscious,

You seem a little hostile - I'll assume you're just hungry from limiting your calories.

You are correct, I don't reference calories for any of my recipes.  The beauty of eating a whole food, plant-based diet means no need to worry about such things as counting calories.  Keep this in mind: vegetables contain about 100 calories per pound and fruit contains 200-300 calories per pound.  A Quarter Pounder alone has 510 calories.  So, you can eat and eat whole grains, veggies and fruits until you're full and you won't even come close to hitting the calories of the typical high calorie/high fat Western Diet.

Cut the Count!
The Hoff

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