Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doc: Burzynski The Movie - Cancer Is Serious Business

If you have cancer or know someone who does or are even concerned because cancer runs in your family, Burzynski The Movie - Cancer Is Serious Business is a must see.

This documentary tells the story of Dr. Stanislaus Burzynski, who has pioneered a treatment called antineoplastons, which targets the genes responsible for tumor growth, and has been very successful in treating many different types of cancer over the years.

Unfortunately, over the course of 14 years, the FDA and other agencies have attempted to shut down his practice, steal his patents, and prevent him from obtaining FDA approval for his treatments.

I am outraged that the FDA has wasted over $60 million dollars in our tax dollar money to persecute this man repeatedly unsuccessfully for curing cancer, just because the pharmaceutical companies can't profit from it.

Watch for yourself, for free online

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