Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ask The Hoff: Woosaaaahh

Yo Hoff!

You've used this "woosaaaahh" thing in a few posts now. What the hell is it?


Yo Confused!

I take it you are not a movie buff or perhaps have yet to enjoy all the goodness that is Bad Boys II!  In it the character that Martin Lawrence plays, Detective Marcus Barnett is basically having a break down and he uses "Woosaaaahh" to calm down, it becomes a running joke throughout the movie and I love it!

When The Healthy Hoff gets stressed or goes off on a tangent, I bring it back to front and center with a good ole cleansing, "Woosaaaahh."

Sometimes, I do fear this may just bottle in all the anger as does "Serenity now. (insanity later...)" - but so far so good.

A movie montage is worth a thousand words, check out what I'm laying down for ya.

Woosaaaahh my friends, woosaaaahh,
The Hoff

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