Sunday, June 3, 2012

Christmas in May!

I can't help but say that I am rather disappointed by this month's KLUTCHclub box - it is very skimpy to say the least.  For the record, these boxes are the size of a shoe box - I had envisioned something a tad bigger.

More Coconut Water - yippee!  April's box was much more impressive!

The May KLUTCHclub Box contains:
  • Hydroxatone’s Instant Effect 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer - seeing as I have no wrinkles, I gave this one to my mother (a leading cosmetic expert) to test out.  Verdict: She likes it, she really, really likes it!  Works great under the eyes and for those little crows feet - smooths perfectly, even covers those pesky dark circles.  She asked for more.
  • ONE Coconut Water "Will help you miraculously replenish electrolytes after those hot, summer workouts!"  Verdict: I still don't like Coconut Water and this product hasn't changed my mind.  The juice box packaging was cute and convenient.
  • Moving Comfort Sports Bras - I received a coupon for $25 off any purchase from Moving Comfort and one to give to a friend.  Aside from bras, this company also sells tops, bottoms and accessories for the sport minded.  Prices appear to be between $36 - $50 per bra, with free shipping on orders $50 and over.  Verdict:  I attempted to make a purchase and my coupon was not applied, no reason given.  I suspect it was because I was attempting to purchase a sale item.  Frankly I thought I was getting a free bra, not a coupon, very disappointing.
  • This site allows you to download or stream all types of classes from office yoga to prenatal yoga to pilates and even meditations.  Prices vary from $.99 to $14.99 for either one time plays or to download permanently.  There are also four levels of monthly memberships to choose from if you really get into it. Verdict: The preview feature is useful to determine what it is that you want. With my one free download coupon ($10 value), I opted for a meditation, seeing as I have difficulty keeping focused.  I really liked Journey To Deep Relaxation by Ananga Sivyer.  It's an 11:30 minute guided meditation designed to deliver you into deep relaxation, perfect for after work.
  • thinkThin bars - since both bars contain dairy, my boyfriend volunteered to try them, but I'm beginning to feel guilty about him consuming all this dairy given the known health issues. Verdict: The thinkThin® Creamy Peanut Butter Protein Bar was very bland, imagine a watered down Reece's Cup. The Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts bar was bland as well, did not pack a chocolate punch despite the bottom being coated in chocolate.  Overall this bar was overwhelmed with nuts.
  • KLUTCHclub Water Bottle - it's plastic, that's really all I have to say about it.
Till Next Month,
The Hoff

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