Saturday, April 28, 2012

Christmas in April!

About a week ago, I received my first KLUTCHclub goodie box!  You may recall last month that I wrote about this company providing health & wellness surprises right to your door step. You know I had to sign-up!

Just as I suspected, I felt like a kid at Christmas - anxiously awaiting my arrival and feverishly tearing into the box once it landed on my doorstep!

So what did my first box of loot bring me?

  • Plentils Dill & Sour Cream Lentil Chips - despite the cream in the name, these chips are vegan.  Unfortunately, they contain two types of oil.  But, despite this, I tried them anyway, because they passed the 20% calories from fat test, were very low in sugar and overall had relatively descent ingredients.  I liken these to pork rinds - in texture only.  Having never actually had a pork rind, I can only imagine that the puffy, crispy, air texture of these chips would be similar to that of a pork rind as they kinda look the same.   Verdict: These are good - maybe too good, as I want more, stat!  I need to mention that these are allergy friendly chips - being free of: wheat, soy, tree nuts, egg, peanuts, shellfish, dairy & fish (who puts fish in chips?)
  • Zico Coconut Water - I was surprised to find zero saturated fat in this product, not sure where it went since coconut is high in that stuff.  Not sure what the "natural flavor" is referring to.  Verdict: Ew.  For the record, I am not a fan of coconut water.  I've had the real stuff straight from the coconut and this tastes about the same, disgusting.
  • Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix - woo hoo no peanuts!  This one is pretty high on the fat scale, sodium, sugar & fiber is spot on though.  Not digging the added oils, but with vegan chocolate thrown in, I had to give it a go!  Verdict: Yummy!  Two thumbs up!
  • Kind Plus Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein Bar - there's dairy in this one kids and more oil.  Not happy about the 3.5 grams of saturated fat and the calories from fat is out of control!  Having a peanut allergy, I had to remove myself from this taste test, but my boyfriend was MORE than eager to be the guinea pig.  Verdict: He likes it!  In fact if it didn't contain dairy, he would eat more of them. 
  • Hyrdrive Energy Berry Blast Energy Drink Mix - this has a scary list of unpronounceable ingredients and upon closer inspection contains Splenda, disguised under the industry term of Sucralose - not cool!  Add to that the artificial coloring and 160mg of caffeine.  I find it odd that the label declares that there is not a significant amount of calories from fat or saturated fat - what is fat doing in a drink mix and don't get me started on the 50mg of sodium.  That all said, I was happy to see the addition of B12.  Seeing as I don't touch energy drinks, my boyfriend almost ripped this out of my hands in anticipation of trying it.  Verdict: While some energy was gained, the overall taste was horrible (like a diet drink) and managed to spike his blood pressure and that can't be a good thing.
  • Tea forte - this tea claims to take care of your skin from within - interesting.  I tend to be leery of food products making health claims, but tea is generally good for you. Verdict:  While this green tea smells good and has some unique flavors (Cherry Marzipan, Honey Zuyu, Coconut Mango Colada, etc.), it's hardly bursting with flavor.  Props for having an organic line!
  • Barlean's Omega Swirl Fish Oil - as a reformed prescatarian/supplement junkie, I once actively indulged in this product to provide my omega-3 fix.  I can attest that it is tasty, with no hint of fishiness.  As I am now a pure vegan and kicked the supplements habit, I can't speak for the Mango Peach flavor that was in the box, but I'm sure it's as delightful as the other flavors.  I will gift this to someone still on the "wagon".  Verdict: If you're into fish oil, you'll enjoy this product. 
  • Sheaterra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap - I think I was most excited to try this product as I love organic beauty products!  I was surprised by it's black molasses-like consistency, definitely never saw that with any facial cleanser I've ever tried - this added to the intrigue.  Verdict: After leaving it on for 5 minutes as instructed, I did begin to feel slight burning, but nothing major - apparently this is the microderm going to work.  My skin did feel squeaky clean afterwards and I guess a little softer.  I have to admit I never see much of a difference when I try these products.  I will tell you that despite the name, this is not 100% certified organic, only a few ingredients are organic.  There's also no scent, so if you're allergic to that type of thing (me!), you'd be happy with this.
  • Hyde Yoga Clothes & Apparel $25 coupon - Even with the coupon, this stuff is a little too pricey for what they're offering.  Verdict: Pass
  • Kristin McGee's Power Yoga DVD - I couldn't wait to try this DVD!  I like yoga & I like MTV (or at least when they actually played music videos, did I just date myself?), which is where this chick hails from, she did a series of MTV yoga videos - who knew!  Verdict:  Being a off/on yogi, this DVD kicked my ass!  From an endurance standpoint, I was struggling to keep up, but from an instructional standpoint, it was very easy to follow.  Not digging the studio backdrop or lack of zen-like music (you know I love me some Rodney Yee!) and there's not a hint of MTV, but overall a good yoga video for probably someone a little more advanced than the occasional practitioner.

Can't wait to see what I get next!

Till Next Month!
The Hoff

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