Monday, June 25, 2012

Ask The Hoff: Supplements

Hello Healthy Hoff,

I was wondering what kind of supplements you take.  I am drowning in all the recommendations out there.  What keeps you healthy?

Thank you much,
Nutrient Envy

Dear Nutrient Envy,

I once was like you, snapping up ever supplement and vitamin recommendation that came my way.  Spending about $50 bucks a month on them and spacing them out throughout the day because I literally was downing anywhere from 10-20 a day all in the name of "health."

Then I came to my senses, with some guidance.  Here's my epiphany, bear with me:

Man, is an idiot. I mean mankind in generally, "he" constantly feels that he can improve what Mother Nature provides.  Yet, man often times falls short.  In regards to supplements, what man fails to realize that when you extract a single nutrient from food, that we don't understand or fail to understand how that nutrient interacts with the other countless nutrients in that food. 

As for the fear of being nutrient deprived.  Eat a whole foods, plant-based diet, and you'll get all the nutrients your body needs in the manner in which it can effectively use them.

But, I don't do this theory justice, check out this video from Dr. McDougall (one of my mentors):

That being said, I still take a Probiotic (Lactobacillus acidophilus) daily, because I have a problem with yeast and that actually does help me keep things in check, plus it's just good practice in general for anyone (a must after a round of antibiotics!).  No, yogurt is not a suitable source for this healthy bacteria (#1 you don't need the dairy, #2 it doesn't provide the beneficial amount needed - you'd have to actually eat a gallon of it).  Be sure to store your Probiotic in the fridge to keep those billions of healthy bacteria alive!

Aside from that, my medicine cabinet is supplement/vitamin free! 

Whether to take supplements/vitamins or not, is a personal choice.  Do the research and come to your own conclusion.  As for me, I have found it liberating to purge my house of these "health in a bottle" and feel empowered to give my body the nutrients it needs through whole-foods.  Not to mention relieved of the stress of playing mad scientist!  Plus I like saving all that cash!

Kick the Habit!
The Hoff

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