Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Blog Alert:From Scratch

Ok, I will just start off with that this blog is not healthy and probably never will be healthy,  but it is bond to be full of German goodness!  It also tugs on my little German heart, so I have to give a shot out to Dorothy Zehnder, the matriarch of all things at the Bavarian Inn.  At 90 years old, Dorothy is trying her hand at blogging and that's after working a 10 hour day in the kitchen of her restaurant!

I have had the pleasure of eating Dorothy's cooking on my many trips to Frankemuth a quaint, little German village in Michigan and the home of Bronner's, the world's largest Christmas Store, open 361 days a year!  (It really is huge and truly magical!)

Dorothy will be writing about about cooking, Michigan, her family and entertaining. She'll also talk about her role as a teacher, role model, philanthropist and mom, so be sure to check out From Scratch!

Viel Glueck Dorothy!
The Hoff

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