Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Native Ohio Plants for Sale

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the Beth Coyne, creator and operator of Nodding Onion Gardens

This is a family run business that is working to preserve plants native to the area.

Why use native plants?  

*Many reasons:
  • Once established they don't require watering or fertilizing
  • Many attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife
  • Natural resistance to the insects and diseases common to the area and therefore will maintain health without intervention
  • You are helping to bring a bit of ecological balance to the area
  • You are helping to replace lost food and habitat for native wildlife

Spider Wort
Beth was very knowledgeable in helping me find a pretty blue plant, that would spread readily.  She suggested a Spider Wort and it's already taking off with no intervention from me.

Prices are more than fair, maybe too fair - ranging from $1.00 - $7.00, from the selection that I saw.

Currently Nodding Onion Garden's has a booth at the Frostville Museum Farmer's Market.  They also have a limited selection of plants through Diederich Florist, located at 38599 Center Ridge Rd. North Ridgeville, OH 44039.

If you are looking for low maintenance, hardy plants check this place out.

Contact Beth or Marty Coyne for specific requests or questions: contact.us@noddingoniongardens.com

Happy Planting!
The Hoff

*Source: http://www.dfsgardenclub.org/natives/intro.htm

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