Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Happy Birthday to me!!!!!
 When I started this little blog back in late March, I never dreamed that within four months, it would hit over 5000 Page Views, but here we are!!!

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Big thanks to everyone who helped accomplish this amazing achievement!  I appreciate and enjoy all the positive feedback from the Healthy Hoff followers. Knowing of your interest drives my motivation to keep the posts flowing and many of you have inspired a few.  So never be shy of giving the Healthy Hoff a high five!

Special Shout Out to the International Hoff Followers (the list keeps growing)!

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I hope you all continue to enjoy what The Healthy Hoff has to say and learn a little something along the way!

Vielen Dank Everybody!!!!
The Hoff


  1. Congrats Hoff,

    that is alot of hits. Your a popular blog.
    I have something for you to look at. Check out my blog. It's the OEFFA Farm Tours.

    I think you might enjoy it.

    Check our

  2. Thanks Mary!

    Yes, I saw your post come through yesterday about the tours. I plan on re-posting the event on my site - it looks like a really cool idea and I love farm tours.