Sunday, July 3, 2011

How Do You Use Your Vitamix?

Dear Healthy Hoff,

Love the site, can't get enough!  You've mentioned your Vitamix in a few posts.  I'm thinking of getting one, what do you with yours?

Blender Envy

Dear Blender Envy,

I'm so excited - you're my first fan mail!  And you've inspired a new section on The Healthy Hoff - Ask The Hoff!  Just email your question to and if I know the answer, I'll post it on the blog - comments and suggestions are welcomed as well!

Back to business...

This is an excellent question!  When I contemplate any purchase let alone a substantial purchase, such as a Vitamix ($$$), I ask friends, family, co-workers (anyone who will listen) a few key questions:
  1. What do you use "it" for?
  2. How often do you use "it."
  3. How long have you had "it."
  4. What do you love/hate about "it."
Facebook is great for this type of research as well as Amazon personal reviews of products.

This way I can see if the appliance or "purchase" will fit into my current lifestyle and actually be used instead of wasting away in the basement.

So here it is, the Top 10 Things my Vitamix does for me:
  1. Fresh Orange Juice - every Saturday & Sunday
  2. Rice Milk - once a week
  3. Smoothies - every day
  4. Fruit Pops - periodically throughout summer
  5. Soups - once a week throughout fall & winter
  6. Sauces/Dressings - periodically
  7. Fruit Sorbets - periodically throughout summer & spring
  8. Hummus - once a week
  9. "Milkshakes" - periodically throughout the year
  10. Almond Butter - once a month
There are a ton more things the Vitamix can do, but that's what I specifically use it for on a consistent basis.

Happy Blending!

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