Friday, July 22, 2011


I was recently turned onto Liquid Smoke by a friend of mine.  Her lunches always smell amazing...and she told me that the secret was Liquid Smoke.  I am now addicted.

I found this stuff at the Walmart for $1 (that's right one buck - actually it was $1.06 - really Walmart?!?!)  The brand that I found was Colgin,  but there are many brands out there.

This stuff is amazing!  It smells as good as it tastes.  It imparts a rich, mellow, well "smoky" flavor to the food.  It gives a dish that little extra something.  I may like this stuff so much because it's what BBQ is all about and I love and miss BBQ.

Liquid Smoke is created by passing smoke, usually from the burning of wood chips or sawdust through water. - that's it!  The solution can then be made into a variety of flavors.  Check out the Colgin process.

Traditionally, Liquid Smoke is used by manufacturers to enhance bacon, hot dogs, jerky and tofu.

You can use it to flavor anything: tofu, veggies, rice, soups, stews...

I have used it recently in the Hoff's Zucchini/Chickpea One-Pot Meal, the Hoff's Black Bean, Sweet Potato Bowl (coming soon) and a tofu scramble breakfast burrito.

Check out Colgin's Recipe Collection

Bonus: minimal ingredients!!!

For instance, Colgin's Natural Hickory contains the following:
  • Water
  • Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor
  • Vinegar
  • Molasses
  • Carmel Color

Colgin also offers the following flavors, all with the same limited ingredients list:
  • Natural Mesquite
  • Natural Pecan
  • Natural Apple Flavored

Need I mention zero calories, zero fat, zero sugar and super low sodium to no sodium (depending on flavor)!?!?  It also has Antimicrobial and Antioxidative properties (not sure what all that means, but it sounds helpful).

Plus Colgin's Liquid smoke contains no MSG, Gluten or Animal Byproducts.

You should be able to find this stuff in your local grocery store in the condiment section, usually near the BBQ sauces.

Get Your Smoke On!
The Hoff

The Healthy Hoff approves this type of smoking.

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