Friday, April 26, 2013

My New Spice Drawer!

My spices and I have been in a constant battle ever since I started cooking.  The more spices I would acquire the more brutal the war.  This has been going on for years!

I could never decide on the optimal way to store my spices.  At first, they were banned to a corner of a cabinet shelf.  Delicately stacked upon one another, waiting to collapse whenever called upon.  Once they outgrew that space, I began piling them into plastic shoe boxes - all smashed together and discombobulated.  Then I moved and was able to dedicate an entire kitchen drawer to my partners in crime.  While I was relieved to have a designated space, the different shapes and sizes made organization impossible.  What was a girl to do?!?

Finally - while acquiring supplies for my latest jamming & canning session, I discovered that my beloved canning jar came in a smaller 4 oz size!  For a brief moment, I raced through my long list of spices and pondered if this size could be the answer to my prayers.  With frenzy I snatched up every case of jars the store had!  I had no clue if this was going to work, but I had to try dammit!

With trusty label maker in hand, I began the arduous task of relocating each spice to its new home.

The result...

Sweet Victory!!!

I am relieved to declare that the battle has ended!  Look at them all neatly aligned, clearly labeled and awaiting all my flavoring needs.  It almost brings a tear to one's eye.

While it may have taken years, with patience and perseverance, in the battle of the spices, Healthy Hoff wins!

Keep Calm & Spice On!
The Hoff

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