Friday, April 12, 2013

Minute Meditation

Where I am...

By night, I am The Healthy Hoff, but by day, I am corporate girl.  This means my days are typically filled with meetings - sometimes up to six a day!

And despite my total disregard for time - don't wear a watch, never carry my phone, won't even set my clocks when the power goes out - I am constantly the first one in the meeting room, waiting... 

Where I think I am...
This used to make me uncomfortable, until I turned those wasted minutes into something beneficial for me!  Now, I purposely arrive 2 minutes early to every meeting and I use that time to meditate. 

I sit with my back to the door so I can hear approaching footsteps and so that no one walking by thinks I that am sleeping.  I focus on the white noise that is ever present and zone out.  As soon as someone enters, I come back to the present refreshed and ready to go. 

Two minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but multiply that by six meetings and I've meditated for 12 minutes!  This is a lot better than my typical zero minutes, since I still can’t still my mind long enough.  Who knows, this practice could actual help me become a professional meditator.

The Hoff

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