Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dara Dubinet: Live, Love, Raw!

Despite being bogged down today with packing for an upcoming 10-day trip, prepping food for the week, exercising & finishing up class number two towards my certification in Plant-Based Nutrition - I was compelled to get my ass outside and soak up some Vitamin D courtesy of Mr. Sun!


Well not because of the unusual 60 degree March day in Ohio!

It was because of Dara Dubinet!

I can't recall how I stumbled upon Dara, but I am so happy I did!  I am addicted to her nearly daily and sometimes multiple YouTube videos, in which she simply whips something up in the kitchen or goes to the farmer's market and sometimes waxes philosophic (I love when she goes to the beach to do that - she lives in Cali!)

Dara, is a self-proclaimed raw food vegan, professional chef & healthy muse.  While, not my thing, her shining positivity & outlook on life has inspired me in many, many ways.  Watch one video & you shall be inspired too: to eat more raw foods, to hit up a farmer's market, to go outside and just be!  If a day goes by without a Dara video fix, things just aren't right! Her words linger with me and her optimism for a healthy life is infectious!

While it appears that Dara's website: Live, Love Raw is just getting off the ground, this is sure to be a great resource to have as well!

Check Dara out!
The Hoff

One of my fav videos!

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