Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Got A New Toy: The Instant Pot!!!
I have a new crush!  This time it's on my brand new Instant Pot!!!

Like all new relationships, I was pretty nervous at first.  Frankly, pressure cookers scare the hell out of me.  Like they just explode for no reason right?  Not so much, new pressure cookers are quite safe these days. Especially the Instant Pot which is pretty dummy proof, even for a newbie & sports 10 safety features just to ease one's mind.

So, what is an Instant Pot?  Well, it's like a pressure cooker on steroids. This is not your grandma's relic from the dark ages, this baby's got skills!

Check this out.

The new 2014 3rd Generation model is 7 cookers in 1!  It has a Bean/Chili setting, Rice setting, Yogurt setting, Soup Setting, Grain setting, Meat/Stew and Poultry setting (if you're into that sort of thing).  It can also be used as a Slow Cooker, to Steam or to Sauté/Brown.  So basically this one machine just replaced your bean cooker, rice cooker, steamer, crock pot and frying pan.  That's a lot of cabinet space.  The Keep Warm setting, well keeps things warm.  There's even a Timer that allows you to preset the cooker to start and stop so a hot meal is waiting for you once you arrive home.  Basically, you can cook an entire meal in one pot; I love that!

But what sealed the deal for me was the stainless steel pot - no non-stick chemicals!

I'm just getting started with this baby, but I do have a few recipes cooking which will be featured under Recipes: Instant Pot.

Some great resources that have really helped me get my bearings with pressure cooking have been:

If you're looking for Christmas ideas either for yourself or someone else...this one's a winner!

Check it out!

Check out this video to learn more about this talented machine.

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