Monday, July 28, 2014

New 21-Day Meditation with Oprah & Deepak Starts 8.11.14!!!

You were born to be happy!


Are you ready for a big boost of joy? Join Oprah & Deepak to tap into the inner wellspring of happiness that awaits you. In this perfect summertime journey, Oprah & Deepak help you spark the bliss, profound peace, and playful exhilaration that is within you.

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  1. Hi,with the assimilation of meditation into day by day life, your cognizance develops and in time, can encounter the higher and refined states of consciousness.when your awareness advances and extends, the aggravations throughout your life get to be unimportant.Anger and disappointments get to be transitory feelings that happen momentarily and afterward vanish. You begin living in 'the moment' and let go of 'the past'.Good day.
    Kirpal Singh successor