Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hoff Hit: Jasmine Rice

Recently, I have been incorporating Jasmine Rice into some of my recipes and meal inspirations.  As a result, some of you have asked what Jasmine Rice is.

Let me tell you.

Jasmine Rice is a long-grain, white rice, which originated from Thailand.  Sometimes, it is referred to as Thai fragrant rice.  It is very popular in Asian cooking.  It has a somewhat nutty aroma..  Requiring a mere 15 minutes to cook,  it is large and fluffy, with substantial texture.  It's provides a really nice break from short grain brown rice.

This rice tends to vary in price from cheap to pricey depending on the brand and can be found at any grocery store (even Walmart). I'm not really sure what is driving the price difference, but I opt for the cheap one and am very, very happy with this rice.

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