Tuesday, August 9, 2011

L'Paige Lipstick: Natural, Long-lasting

L'Paige's Natural, Long-lasting Lipstick...sucks!

I recently became aware of this line of lipstick and immediately had to try it, unfortunately I am less than impressed.

First I tried the Green Lipstick, that changes color based on your body chemistry, thus guaranteeing the perfect shade for you.  I was looking forward to watching the green transform, but while the lipstick is green, it goes on clear and instantly changes to pink.  Oh well, but the pink made me look like an old lady! Is my body telling me I'm an old lady!?!?  This became apparently clear when I pressed a friend of mine, Das Baldwin for her opinion, which resulted in the smile, long pause - translation: "Girl, what the hell were you thinking?!?!"

Then I tried the Black Lipstick that changes to a red...more startled reactions.

Next I tried the non-changing Coral color...more old lady-ness!!!!

The only lipstick I was mildly impressed with was the clear Lip Gloss.

So, the colors are bad, what about the claim to lasting throughout the day?

Long-lasting my ass.  I am impressed that it does not rub off on a drinking glass or your teeth, but after your first meal, kiss "most" of the color goodbye.  I say most because it leaves enough color behind for people to stare with wonder.  Yeah, that's what I'm aiming for.

I will say that the Aloe Vera (one of the natural ingredients) does leave your lips moisturized.

Beyond that the colors are sooooo 1980's, probably because this line launched in 1984.  The rich cream look is NOT in fashion and hasn't been for some time.  Even the lipstick cases and packaging are dated.

Someday I shall be united with a natural, long-lasting lipstick.

Until then...the search continues,
The Hoff


  1. I remember those from way back, seems like it was earlier, in the 70s... I think actual green lipstick is more in style, no? I've seen lots of zombies wearing it lately LOL

  2. I bought a sample of the blue (only wasted 2.50 at least). The color is OK I guess, better than nothing,, but I wanted to share my philosophy that I think what the stuff is made out of is the same stuff in Kool-Aid that gives you the 'Kool-Aid Mustache'. After rubbing my lips together for a while cause thats what I unconsciously do when there is gunk on them...thats what it was starting to look like around my lips. egads.

  3. LOL - at least it's edible....I think :/