Friday, August 12, 2011

Ellen DeGeneres Launches Vegan Website!!!!

Super excited to announce a brand new vegan website from Ellen DeGeneres!!!

Going Vegan with Ellen

Having been a vegetarian for many years, Ellen has decided to go vegan and wanted to develop a website for others making the transition.

Now, now - don't dismiss this valuable resource just because you're not vegan or vegetarian - having a meat-free meal at least once per week will do your waistline, health and wallet some good.  Go wild and have an entire vegan day - oh no, she didn't!

Bookmark this site and reference it for recipe ideas, tips and to learn about famous vegans (very inspirational)!  Some celeb vegans that may shock you: Mike Tyson, Steve-O and Woody Harrelson!

There's a bunch of other stuff, including a blog!

Check out Ellen's reasoning behind going vegan:

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