Monday, August 15, 2011

Keep It Healthy While Traveling

Going away for a vaca or business and worried about maintaining your vegetarian or vegan desires?

Do a little research before departing.

Check out Happy Cow or Trip Advisor to search by location and dietary preferences.

With just a few minutes of homework, you'll get a list of diet friendly restaurants to suit your personal needs.

I recently did this for a summer vacation spot that I have been hitting for years.  Having a list of vegan friendly restaurants in my back pocket not only made the trip less stressful but it also put a whole new spin on a town I thought I knew.

I also searched my home town and found some treasures I wasn't even aware was in my backyard.

Fun Fact: Headed to Vegas?  Check out the Wynn and Encore hotels.  Steve Wynn, the owner is vegan - so he made sure every restaurant in his hotels has vegan options!!! 

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Travel Well!
The Hoff

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