Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Healthy Hoff's Major Award!!!

The Healthy Hoff, aka me has made it to the finalist round of my employer's most prestigious honor, a Chairman's Award!!!

This is a HUGE deal.  You are nominated and selected by your peers.

This year, my company has undertaken an initiative to promote health and wellness to all  it's employees.  As a result, a new category was added to this 15th Annual Celebration  - the Health & Wellness category, in which The Hoff was nominated!

To be considered, you must demonstrate a high level of commitment and personal initiative to living a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise, preventive care and work/life balance as well as approach a healthy lifestyle management passionately and enthusiastically, which motivates others to do the same.

I am super excited and very touched that someone would take the time to nominate me and completely blown away to make it to the finalist round - not an easy feat.

Aside from this honor, I get to participate in some pretty cool activities over the course of three days - did I mention my company takes this award very, very seriously?

I am among two other finalists - fingers crossed!

The Hoff