Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Toys!!!

Santa was good to the Healthy Hoff this past Christmas - thanks Santa!!!

Here's a sneak peek into my Christmas stocking.

First up, the greatest gift of all, a brand new 48 oz. short Vitamix container!!!
Yes, I already have the original 64 oz. container that came with my Vitamix and while it looks like it has gone through a natural catastrophe, it is still fully functional and will remain close at hand for larger jobs.  However, I wanted the shorter container to tackle smaller jobs such as Almond Butter, Hummus or Flour.  Yes, all of these things can be made with the larger container, but the shorter container just makes it a bit easier.  Plus, it fits nicely under a cabinet.
 My next coveted gift...a pair of black ceramic knives - the Kyocera Revolution Series Paring and Santoku Knife Set to be exact!!!  I love ceramic knives because they start out super sharp and they remain sharp for a really long time, compared to traditional knives.  Plus, an all-black knife is just cool!  Keep in mind that ceramic knives cannot be sharpened with a traditional knife sharpener.  Usually the company will offer free sharpening or you can get a ceramic knife sharper.
For the beauty side of me, Santa brought two giant bottles of bath wash from 100% Pure, a vegan health & beauty company that I just so happen to have a crush on.  100% Pure products are truly 100% Pure - no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.  What that all means, is that it's safe to put on your skin!  Plus, they don't mask their products with perfumes or fragrances.  Why?  The wonderful aromas in 100% Pure products are from real fruits, pure essential oils, and pure absolutes.  So, if you've got a chemical sensitivity like I do, this line is for you! lastly - Meditating Buddha Kitty.  This piece literally makes me smile every time I gaze upon it.  I adore him!  So peaceful, so serene.  The carving of the "Independence" sign on the back makes this little statue perfect and a piece that I will display proudly in my sanctuary. Namaste.

I wish you all an AMAZING 2014!!!

 Keep it Healthy!

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