Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Cleveland Vegan Restaurant Alert: BEET JAR juice BAR!!!


Not quite ready yet, but sometime this month, BEET JAR juice BAR will unveil its awesomeness to the citizens of Cleveland - hooray!!!

BEET JAR juice BAR is an Organic, Raw, and Vegan Food establishment. Vegan-owned and Vegan-operated!  Not only will this place be a safe-haven for Vegans, the food will be made with a health-conscious focus.

The menu will change seasonal, but feature specialties include Cold-Pressed Juices, Nut Milks, Kale Chipz, Raw Slaw, Pauerkraut, Zucchini Pasta, Spring Rolls, Gluten-free Desserts & more!  Starting out completely raw, BEET plans to expand to soups & noodles as well.

Come on Cleveland - get out there and support one of our own!

Location: 1432 W. 29th St. Ohio City, OH 44113

Check'em out!

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