Sunday, August 12, 2012

Healthy Hoff Speaks: 10 Mystery Foods Of A Vegan!

Recently, I spoke to the No Oil Vegan, Dr. Esselstyn's & Rip's E2 Diet NE Ohio Meetup Group (that is a mouthful!) at their monthly Vegan, No Oil Dinner at Sushi Rock!

It was awesome!

I love this group of people - so interested in & dedicated to the whole-foods, plant-based, no-oil lifestyle!  If you're at all curious about this lifestyle or just looking to get your social calender jumping, I highly encourage you to check out this group!

Since announcing this lecture, I've been getting a lot of inquires as to what the "10 Mystery Foods Of A Vegan" are.  These are just some of the more interesting foods that I hadn't discovered until going Vegan.  It was through research in an effort to broaden my food options after cutting out all animal & animal by-products that I learned of these cool foods. 

For those of you who were unable to make the lecture or are just looking for more information, here you go:
  1. Bragg Liquid Aminos - natural soy sauce alternative
  2. Nutritional Yeast - cheesy flavoring & B12 punch!
  3. Kelp Granules - low sodium salt alternative
  4. Stevia - natural sugar alternative
  5. Sprouts - super food, nutrient dense
  6. Chia Seeds - super food for omega-3s
  7. Couscous - super quick pasta
  8. Teeccino - herbal, caffeine-free coffee
  9. McDougall Right Foods -vegan, oil-free convenience meals
  10. 5 Magic Veggies For Smoothies - blend'em & they disappear!
I mentioned in my lecture that I get the bulk of these foods from  It's a discount health & wellness online store specializing in hard to find foods as well as organic health & beauty products!

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Keep It Healthy!
The Hoff