Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doc: I Like Killing Flies

I Like Killing Flies has nothing to do with healthy eating.  In fact, quite the opposite, but it is an entertaining look at an old school restaurant owner, Kenny Shopsin from Greenwich Village doing things his own way as bizarre as his way is.  Kenny also shares his unique views on life, love, politics and anything else that he feels like.  A real look at the entrepreneurial spirit!

I wasn’t expecting this, but this guy is my dad and his restaurant is my dad’s auto body shop.  The conversation about the parking ticket; is a conversation I lived over and over as a kid (may explain a lot). 

There is a sad twist at the end (that had my jaw on the floor), but this is a documentary and its job is to capture life as it happens.

If you’re looking for an entertaining 78 minutes to zone out from reality as we know it, check this one out.

Check out this short clip!

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