Saturday, July 21, 2012

Farm Kings Premiering September 2012!

I contemplated simply publishing this photo, because really, do you need any other reason to watch this new show coming to GAC (Great American Country) this September?

I've already seen the first episode and I'm hooked - DVR is set to go when Farm Kings officially airs!

These are the King brothers (10 kids total)!  No really, their last name is King and they own & operate Freedom Farms in Pennsylvania.  They also own & operate Boldy's Homemade Goodies and The Market @ New Ken.

Come September, they will be staring in their own TV reality show depicting their lives running a family farm, bakery and market.  Their goal - to make farming cool again.  I'd say they are off to a stellar start!

And the main message of the show - support your local farmers!

Check em' out for yourself!

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