Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Do Those Produce Stickers Tell Us?

Besides being difficult to remove at times, those little stickers on fruits and vegetables give us a useful heads up!

More than just what country the food came from, those produce stickers also have the Product Code and this indicates how the food was grown.  With the Product Code, it's the first number that counts, here's what to look for.

Product Code (starts with):

3 - Conventionally grown
4 - Conventionally grown
9 - Organically grown
8 - Genetically modified (avoid!)

And did you know those little stickers are edible?  Not that you want to chow down on them, just don't panic if you inhale one along with your apple.

So remember, 9 is fine & hate the 8!

Shop Smart!
The Hoff

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