Saturday, November 26, 2011

Doc: King Corn

This is a cool little film in which two guys from Boston, Ian & Curt document their journey following the life cycle of corn.

They did this after genetic testing on their hair revealed that they were predominately made of corn, a rather disturbing concept.  That and the startling new statistic that Generation Z (kids born in 2000 and later) is predicted to be the first generation not to outlive their parents due to poor diet. 

King Corn starts in Iowa, where Ian & Curt travel to plant one acre of corn, to see where it goes from there.  Lots of interesting facts are revealed about agribusiness, feed lots and how predominate corn is in our lives.

Check out the full movie online! 

Check out the trailer!


  1. Everyone should watch this movie. Then start reading food labels. Corn is in EVERYTHING processed to any extent at all. And our government is supporting it at the expense of the public health.

  2. i really need to make a documentary. If someone can make a movie about corn, just think what i could do with cats.

  3. Trixie - you could be your own documentary...