Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Interview with a Personal Trainer

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to Angela Mantell, a Personal Trainer.  Having never been to a Personal Trainer before and having little knowledge of them, Angee was nice enough to answer some questions that made me realize that you don't have to be Kim Kardashian to have a Personal Trainer - but can she help me look like her?!?

The Hoff

What does a Personal Trainer do? 
A Personal Trainer establishes a good working relationship with clients to get a better understanding of what they want or need in their lifestyle. Whether it be just someone to interact with to get motivated to get into better shape or to lose weight for health reasons and or esteem issues.

Do you have to be licensed/certified? 
Yes! All gyms will check for a certification and make sure you have all your credentials to be re-certified when your license expires (usually after 2 years). Certain gyms will not accept some lower certifications. If anyone is interested in getting certified I recommend you research what certifications you are interested in and what ones the facilities you are looking at will accept.

What type of certification do you have? 
I received my certification through NASM (National Academy of Sports and Medicine). It’s a little tougher of a certification program but all gyms recognize it and it has a better reputation.

Who typically uses a Personal Trainer? 
Anyone that needs some motivation or guidance for a better and healthier lifestyle.

What kind of services do you offer clients? 
My certification is a wider span, so it depends on what the client is interested in. I mainly focus on circuit training, which works multiple muscle groups at once to burn more calories and see quicker results. Example: If you do bicep curls only, you are only working a small muscle group. You will burn triple the calories if you add a squat or a lunge. Using the larger muscles will increase your metabolism which will torch calories as well.

What can someone expect during a training session? 
We will start with some assessments to see where your weaknesses are. I follow the OPT model which starts with Stabilization to make your core stronger, followed by strength and when the client is ready move up to Power. Every client is different and will require different assessments and workouts. I utilize a special tool that will create a program specifically for each individual client.

What is the OPT model?
OPT is a particular model that NASM (National Academy of Sports and Medicine) uses that concentrates on Stability, Strength, and Power.

Can a person just try one session to see if they like it? 
Yes. I always meet with clients to get to know them and see what they are interested in before beginning. No-one will stick with a plan if they aren’t having fun. My first session is always free.

How long do you usually work with someone? 
That depends on their specific goal or goals. Some clients just want to establish a routine and feel comfortable to go on their own after a month. Others struggle with bigger weight loss and need someone to guide them through the whole journey. Many people fear being on their own and rebounding as a result, but it's my job to teach them the skills and confidence to do it on their own.

Is it expensive to have a Personal Trainer? 
Rates vary from trainer to trainer. I suggest working with a trainer to get to a budget that works for you. I offer package deals that don't break the bank. I also offer group rates for individuals who want to work out together.  Many people think it’s expensive to have a trainer - it doesn’t have to be.

For someone who is interested, but nervous, what kind of advice can you give? 
Just meet with a trainer that you may be interested in for a consultation. This will give  you the opportunity to access their personality and if you'd enjoy working out with them.  Keep in mind what type of person you'd respond to most. Some people want more of a "friend" to motivate them, others respond to the screaming "Drill Sargent" type. I am not that type, but I will make you work hard to get to you to your goal.

Can you make me look like Kim Kardashian?
Big butt? Yes :)  (Note to self: pick better celeb goal)

Any last words?
One thing I HAVE to point out is that a healthy lifestyle and weight loss is not ONLY about exercise. You have to have a good balance of diet and exercise to achieve results. One does not go without the other! The word “diet” seems to scare people off. You don’t have to cut everything out, just make some changes in the way you eat. Good health and weight control is a lifestyle, not a fad to follow! I encourage my clients to still eat what they love but in moderation! If you want an Oreo, eat it, but only eat one, not the whole bag. I feel like if you take these things completely out of your diet, you will burn out quickly and give up.  It's my job to make sure that doesn't happen!

Angee currently trains in Parma, Ohio and offers her services throughout Medina and surrounding areas.  Special exceptions can be made for those outside of those areas.

If you're interested in hiring Angee as a Personal Trainer or just want to find out more info, you can contact her directly at

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