Saturday, June 18, 2011

Doc: Fat Head

This is a comedic smack down of “Super Size Me,” by comedian and former health writer Tom Naughton.  Naughton attacks the notion that McDonalds is the reason for the obesity problem in America and challenges our beliefs on “healthy eating”.  He goes on diet of burgers and fries to prove that by eating within reason, one can lose weight. 

This is an ok one to watch, but not a must see by any means.

Check out the trailer and other segments.


  1. I think McDonalds plays a part for the obesity problem in America. And those happy meals seem to make kids hyper too. I remember once on a road trip we brought the kids Wendys burgers and fries on our way out. After they ate they was cool and calm. But let me tell you, we got them happy meals on the return trip and they was some type of busy bodies the entire trip. I am not sure what the connection is here. If I have choice I would go with Wendy, even though they contribute to obesity problem in America too. Great post.