Friday, June 10, 2011

The Best Self/Sunless Tanner

I have to clear the air and my good name.  I have started to get attacked by loyal, well-meaning Healthy Hoff followers, who are in shock that  I, The Healthy Hoff would lay in the sun to get a tan.

I'm here today to say, that I do not advocate, nor am I laying in the sun, cooking my skin away for that coveted glow.

I do however advocate 15 minutes of unfiltered sun exposure to ensure adequate Vitamin D levels.

But I will confess that my tan is in fact, fake.

And, I'm not ashamed of that.  I'm German - we don't tan, we burn.  And I don't want to age beyond my years.  And I don't want skin cancer.  But, I also don't want to look like Casper, while everyone else is golden brown.

I have tried a lot of self-tanners in my time, some organic/natural, most not and I'm here to tell you that the search is over!  I have found the best...
I give you: ST. TROPEZ!

Ok, it's not natural or organic (a girl can't have everything).  It does contain aloe vera as a conditioning element (that's a little something).

This self-tanner comes in a variety of options, but I prefer the Bronzing Mousse with mitten applicator.

I slather it on right after a shower, it dries in 60 seconds, and you get color instantly.

Like other self-tanners, you have to remain sweat and water-free for at least 4 hours to give the color a chance to set.

It does have a faint odor, but believe me I have experienced worse.  And the smell is gone after you shower.  It is recommended that you apply before bed, then shower in the morning. 

You can expect your natural, golden glow to begin to fade within a few days, so reapplication a few times a week is required.

The best price I have found this brand is on QVC.  But it's also available at Sephora.  Sephora also sells a replacement mitt (online only).  My advice is to always buy the mousse/mitt combo pack as your mitt isn't likely to survive past one bottle of use.  You do need to rinse the mitt and allow to air dry after each use (this takes a toll on the foam applicator).

Check out the handy dandy application videos for helpful tips!

Get your glow on!
The Hoff

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