Friday, August 28, 2015

Move Over Bread, There's A New Kid In Town

So, I've kinda been on a diet.  I'm not a believer in diets, but I have been giving the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Program a spin.  It's a modification of the whole-food, plant-based, oil-free diet that I typically follow - basically it eliminates high fat foods.  Since I've been "living it up" with frequent restaurant trips, vegan bakery and fake meat products, my body was crying out for a reprieve. I feel a lot better since being on this program and although it's meant to be used for short durations, I'm surprisingly not feeling deprived at all and am not anxious to stop doing it.

But that's not the purpose of this post.  On the MWL program you don't eat bread among other key things.  So the first thing to go was my weekend breakfast toast.

That was until my boyfriend had an ingenious idea!  On a recent grocery outing he questioned my stocking up on plain rice cakes to which I replied that they were legal on the MWL program and that I had them as an after dinner snack.  He pondered this for the night and come Saturday morning, accompanying our usual weekend hashbrowns, were rice cakes and jelly.  That's when my light bulb finally went off - rice cake toast!  I love it!  It's crunchy just like toast, except I don't have to wait impatiently for the toaster to do it's thing and it's the perfect delivery vessel for my homemade blueberry jam

Now the wheels are turning...what else can I do with rice cakes.  Once I end my MWL run, I am definitely putting a little salted avocado on these bad boys, maybe some vegan cheese for an open-faced "grilled cheese," almond butter!  I may never eat bread again!  Ok let's not get crazy.

Check it out!

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