Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Misson

I'm on a mission this Christmas to prove to my non-vegan friends & family that treats can be just as tasty without the animal stuff.

This year I am coming vegan armed with my own party platters with the help of some artisan specialty companies:

  • The center piece of my masterpiece - handcrafted vegan cheese from Miyoko's KitchenDivinely delicious, artisanal, organic, vegan cultured nut products; that I personally cannot taste the nuts!  Frankly had I not seen the package for myself, I would have not believed this cheese to be vegan.  Any one of their 6 party packs is sure to please even the pickiest of palettes.  
  • To deliver the Cheese, vegan "Ritz" Crackers!
  • Next up figs!  Unfortunately fig season runs from June to mid-October, so dried figs will have to do.
  • Some Brazil Nuts & Cashews for a little crunch!
  • For mellow, freshness...Blueberries!
  • And to really bring the house down - The Ultimate Chocolate Collection courtesy of No Whey Chocolates.  This sampler box is loaded with vegan goodness!

    • Tri Nutty Delight- Magic with chocolate, almonds, peanuts and cashews
    • Cidery Caramels-White chocolate with a sweet apple cider soft caramel center
    • Buttery Pecan Cream- Dreamy sweet vanilla cream with just the right pecan ratio
    • Peppermint Dreams- Take me back to childhood peppermint patties with a new twist
    • Pumpkin Paradise- A new take on pumpkin fillings with walnuts and coconut
    • Sea Salted Caramels- Great combo of dark chocolate and caramel; topped with exotic Hawaiian Alaea sea salt
    • And more!
I know this sounds like a lot of food, but I'm actually dividing it up amongst 3 parties.  Fast, convenient, vegan goodness!

Who's Santa now?
Ho Ho Ho & Merry Christmas!

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