Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vegan Doritos?!?!


My name is the Healthy Hoff and I'm a recovering Dorito addict.

Yes, it's true, back in the day before my vegan transformation; I could take down a bag of Doritos like no one's business.  I can still taste it like it was yesterday, hear the crunch in my ear...  So it was no surprise when the urge to gorge myself on these neon orange devil triangles suddenly grabbed hold recently and would not let go.

Then the Universe answered my the form of an email advertisement from  


Could it be true?!?! 

Vegan chips in my beloved Doritos flavors - Nacho & Ranch, plus Barbecue flavor just to round out the trio!  YES IT'S TRUE!  

Could it be true that these bean & rice chips are oil-free?!?!  No, no it's not true, but I'm one step closer to nacho chip victory!  Plus, I can actually pronounce and recognize all the ingredients in these babies.  Plus no artificial flavors or colors.  Plus, they are gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free and nut-free and certified GMO-free!

Could these chips uproot the Dorito, not likely.  But, they are definitely a healthier option and the perfect solution for a vegan chick like me!  And frankly, after only a few days in my house, Thunderdome has erupted and these chips are no longer safe to be left alone.  Let the addiction begin!

Thank you Beanfields! Thank you for feeding my nacho chip obsession in a healthier way!

Check it out!

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