Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beet Jar, A Vegan It Spot In Cleveland


Thanks to my friend Katie, I got my ass out of the office finally after a long winters hibernation and hit up lunch at the BEET JAR juice BAR, a new local little gem that has popped up in the Cleveland Veg scene.

Now, while I may be vegan, I'm far from a raw foodie.  So the fact that this restaurant is all raw, I was a little concerned for my rumbling tummy.  But my fears were replaced with genuine love for this vegan delight.

The menu may be small & pricey ($23 for lil' ol' me), but it's packed with unique flavor combinations.

For lunch I gleefully devoured a Silver Apple Raw Juice (apple, beet, cucumber + ginger), cheddar Kale chipz & THE MOST AWESOMEST SANDWICH OF MY LIFE - smokey coconut, greens, cashew mayo, red onion and avocado on toasted sourdough (num, num, num).  Seriously, days later and I am still drooling over this sandwich!

Welcome to Cleveland, Beet Jar!

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