Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ms. Julie's Kitchen - The Place To Be In Akron, Ohio

I finally made it to Ms. Julie's Kitchen!  This place has been on my must visit list for quite some time.  I don't get to the Akron area much and when I do, it's to stock my pantry at the Mustard Seed Market.  Since they just happen to have one of the best, no-oil, vegan menus around, I naturally always dine there.

Let me tell you, I wish I would have gone to Ms. Julie's Kitchen sooner.

This place is eccentric to say the least - with its mix and match hand-me-down furniture and screen door reminiscent of Kramer's small town break from reality - "Serenity Now!!!"

But, the staff is wicked awesome friendly and the food is phenomenal.  I don't know how they managed it, but in the dead of winter, the tomatoes were fresh and the peppers were crisp!  Did I mention the open style kitchen, where they make everything to order the minute you sit down?  No, heat lamps, no microwaves here my friends.

Let me give you the lay of the land, so as a newbie, you don't stand around looking lost, like I did.  This is a no frills place, all the attention goes to the food.  That means, step up to the counter and place your order.  Specials are on the chalkboard, menu is on the flyer.  Grab your utensils and napkin and pick a seat.  When you're done, go back to the counter to pay.  That's it, you're now a pro.

I thoroughly enjoyed their Falafel Sandwich - two generous falafels stuffed into a whole wheat pita, smothered in tahini & topped with a giant tomato slice.  The addition of pickle relish sent this sandwich to a whole new level!

My boyfriend had their Spicy Black Bean Burger, which upon the first bite exclaimed, 'This is the freshest sandwich I have ever had!!!"  What the hell does that say for my cooking?  (I'll deal with him later.)

I could not resist the special of the day - Sloppy Joe Mac & Cheese (gluten-free)!  By far the best vegan Mac & Cheese I have ever experienced. A Snoopy happy dance ensued.

Now, I couldn't leave empty handed.  For Christmas breakfast, I raided their freezer (it's help yourself, I wasn't trespassing - come on people), for their ready-made assortment of waffles - apple cinnamon, pumpkin, cranberry orange, gingerbread...  I also scored the Christmas special, Sauerkraut Balls to entertain my holiday guests (confession - my bf & I ate them all and we are not ashamed).

Their menu changes seasonally, because Ms. Julie gets her produce from her very own farm as well as from other local Ohio farmers.  She also stocks an array of locally produced teas, jams, preserves, honey, maple syrup, nuts and bakery.

Still don't think Ms. Julie is the bomb?  She holds cooking classes so you too can do what she does.  "Julie will teach you how to use your kitchen to stay out of the hospital!" - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Oh, I forgot to mention the greatest gift of all - Julie's Kitchen is 100% vegan!!!  Like a kid in a candy store, I will be back for more...

Ms. Julie's Kitchen
1809 S. Main St. Akron, OH 44301
M-F 8am - 7pm
Sat 9am - 5pm

Check it out!

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