Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doc: Blackfish

I have to admit that I spent many birthdays as a kid at Sea World.  Some of my fondest memories come from visiting the park - I had my very own giant Shamu stuffed animal that went with me everywhere.  I even dreamed of being a trainer.  So, it took a while for me to come around and watch this documentary.  But, I knew I couldn't stick my head and the stand and pretend everything was alright.  I had to know the whole story.

This doc is a must see documentary.  Not only is it well done, the message it delivers cannot be ignored, should not be ignored and needs to be acted on immediately.  This doc does a great job getting the message out.

It's taken from the point of view of numerous past Sea World trainers who saw things firsthand.  It depicts how corporate greed has torn apart families and has caused immeasurable damage to these gentle animals.  Furthermore it shows how Sea World has twisted new reports of killer whale attacks through the years so as consumers, we are none the wiser.

My personal opinion: My heart goes out to these magnificent creatures.  Sea World needs to stop cashing in on animal suffering and release all of their performing animals back to the wild where they belong or retire to a proper sanctuary.

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