Monday, August 19, 2013

My New Kitchen Island!

Yep, I did it again!  But, instead of picking up the latest kitchen gadget to catch my eye, I purchased furniture!  A kitchen island to be exact.

I totally needed it.  You see, my kitchen is small and was slowly being consumed by whole foods.  While it's great that my diet includes a lot more fresh produce, the lack of work area and increase in counter clutter was getting on my nerves.

I searched high and low, explored buffets, cabinets, tables and finally settled on something that I consider to be a multi-tasker.

With this kitchen island on wheels, I can not only store things, but I can also use it's top as a spare counter area for prep work and such.  For dinner parties, I can park it next to the table for buffet style meals.  And when not in use, it displays my bounty beautifully.

With all my gadgets, I could have easily loaded this baby up, but I opted instead to keep it minimal - storing only my fresh fruits and veggies in glass bowls that I adore on top, along with my other latest find from Sur La Table. Down below are my dark loving veggies - potatoes.  As well as my latest adventure, Homemade Alcohol-free Vanilla Extract!

While I thought a kitchen remodel was in my immediate future, all I really needed to do was get a little crafty and spread out a little.

Innovate, don't renovate!

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