Thursday, March 28, 2013

Medical Costs Revealed!

Ever go in for a procedure only to be shocked a month later as to what your insurance decided not to cover?  Even worse, have no insurance?

Next time, get the low down on the costs first!

The FairHealth Consumer Cost Lookup, run by nonprofit group FAIR Health, will help you do that.

From root canals to MRIs, this site can give you an estimate as to what you might expect to pony up.

This site is free, super easy & quick to use - no registration required!

Here's what you do:
  1. Select either Medical or Dental
  2. Enter your Zip Code
  3. Indicate Insured or Uninsured
  4. Enter the CPT code (if you know it) or browse through a list of services/procedures

That's it!  You now have the upper hand, which could cause you to confront your Doc as to if the procedure is absolutely necessary or just standard protocol.

Be informed!
The Hoff

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