Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY Food Allergy Test

If you're interested in performing your own food allergy test, the Coca Pulse Test, created by Dr. Arthur F. Coca is a good one to try.  The theory behind this test is that allergens cause the heart rate to speed up.

The Coca Pulse Test For Allergies is a very simple, effective test that you can perform yourself in order to determine which foods you may be allergic to.

Here's one way to do it:
  1. On an empty stomach, lie down & take your pulse for 60 seconds
  2. Place a small sample of the suspected food under your tongue for 20 seconds & spit it out
  3. Wait 20 minutes & take your pulse again for 60 seconds
  4. If the pulse raises by 5 beats or more per minute, you may be allergic to this food
Another way:
  1. Take pulse for 60 seconds before getting out of bed in the morning
  2. Then take pulse for 60 seconds 30 & 60 minutes after each meal
  3. If your heart rate goes up 10 beats or more per minute, you ate something your body doesn't like
A good starting place is with the most common food allergens: wheat/gluten, milk products, eggs, citrus, peanuts, cashews, soy, fish and shellfish, yeast and chocolate.  Also, trust your gut; you may already have an idea of certain foods that don't agree with you.

It is very important to deal with food allergies as they can lead to inflammation, irritation and can cause or aggravate any illness including chronic diseases.

For instance “heartburn” may not be due to hyperacidity or other reasons, but rather an allergic irritation.  I myself came to the realization that my daily acid reflux attacks were the result of an intolerance to sugar.  After eliminating sugar from my diet for six months (a year would have been better), I am now able to tolerate it in small amounts.

Once you find out what you're allergic to, consider an elimination diet in a hope that you may be able to return these foods to your diet without reaction.

For more detailed information, check out this PDF.

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  1. What is your pulse goes down after putting the food in your mouth and waiting? I did it with coffee...took my resting pulse (with a cuff), put the instant coffee grounds on my tongue, waiting two minutes, took the pulse again. It went down 2 points. ???

  2. Elena - you got me on that one.