Sunday, April 10, 2011

Doc: How to Cook Your Life

This is a weird, yet inspiring one.  This documentary follows a Zen practitioner as he teaches people the art of making bread.  For a Zen practitioner, this guy has serious anger management issues and has not reached enlightenment yet.  Nonetheless, this doc did get me interested in making homemade bread.  Chef Edward made me feel that it was possible to succeed having never tried.  So, I hit pulled a few recipes that didn’t require a bread machine and crafted my own recipe.  Success on the first attempt!  While this doc did give me grandiose ideas of making fresh bread every weekend, a few more loaves later revealed that this would be an occasional love affair.  While making homemade bread is very easy, it takes time and patience – maybe in the future young grasshopper.  Watch and be inspired, just don’t expect to experience Zen.

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