Sunday, April 17, 2011

CSA Mystery Veggie Challenge: Fennel + My Embarrashing Moment!

So, this week I have decided to take on fennel as my Mystery Veggie of the Week in preparation of my first CSA.  This morning I was on my third store trying to hunt down fennel.  I knew it was a root vegetable, but wasn't 100% on what it looked like, so I was going by the little produce signs.  At the end of my patience, I tracked down the produce manager and asked if he had any fennel, "Right over here," he says while walking me right back to the spot I was previously searching.  He points to a sign and I exclaim (for all to hear), "AH HA, IT'S ALSO KNOWN AS ANISE! (which I pronounce as "anus")  The manager politely corrects my mistake, while my boyfriend looks on in stunned horror (I'm not an idiot, I swear!).  Had I'd not been so excited to actually find the damn stuff, I probably would have been embarrassed, but I carried on!

This is stuff they really should teach in school...I'm posting a picture so you can avoid my faux pas or just remember that fennel is also known as anise, not anus.

Here's what I did with the fennel:


Fresh Green Beans
Fennel, cut into fine slices (white part only)
Tarragon, minced
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

  1. Steam green beans
  2. While green beans are steaming, saute fennel in olive oil 
  3. Add green beans, tarragon, salt & pepper and a little more olive oil to the fennel and heat through

I paired this dish with a baked lobster tail (acquired from my Farmer's Market) and rice pilaf - delic!

The Hoff


  1. that sounds like a good use of fennel. I've never tried it before, never knew what to do with it. I guess I'll be experimenting when I get my batch from Farmer Chuck.

  2. It tastes like black licorice - it was ok. Definitely worth trying at least once.

  3. I usually end up using the fennel seed; aromatic, nice in teas; not so much the black licorice-y aftertaste.

  4. I dislike black licorice lol :D

  5. I hear ya Tina! When I heard it tasted like licorice, I was hoping for the strawberry Twizzler dice.

  6. Liv, where does one get fennel seed? Would that be in the seasoning department?