Saturday, April 9, 2011

Doc: Change Your Food, Change Your Life –

This is a great doc to introduce yourself to the vegan world.  You don’t need to have an interest in becoming vegan to enjoy it, as you will get tips and tricks for leading a healthier lifestyle.  I didn’t go vegan after watching it (that was never my intent), but a lot of what Jill Ovnik, the creator of and this documentary says really got me thinking and making healthier choices.  I’ve been following her Vegan Gal Newsletter ever since. 

Jill is not preachy; she just presents the facts (I like her personality too!).  Probably what I enjoy most about this video is that she goes on an actual shopping trip to a regular grocery store and then to a health food store to show some of her favorite vegan foods and vegan substitutes.  Next, she dines at three different non-vegetarian restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner just to give some ideas on smarter menu choices.  She finishes the video by making some of her own vegan recipes (I have to try Orange Pudding, it's not what you think!).  I found all of this very helpful, and incorporated some of her ideas into my own life.

I got this video about six years ago, when it was first released (2005) and it is as relevant today as it was back then and equally entertaining.  Jill will get you energized to make some healthy food changes in your life or you may even explore the vegan lifestyle.  This is a must watch and is now available on Netflix!  Enjoy!


  1. I watched this video on my netflix account on the computer and am going to implement some changes to what and how I eat and see if much of my issues with weight loss resistance etc shift and change. Doctors and Nutritionalists are not listening to my pleas so I am researching my own food issues and seeing what changes my body needs to be well. Thank You for this video and I will be back in a month to let you know how I am doing. Innerpeace2day from Maine

  2. P.S Innerpeace2day, I do want to hear how you are doing.

    Talk soon!
    The Hoff

  3. Innerpeace2day, I'm glad to hear you are taking matters into your own hands. Doctors historically have little or no nutrition education and nutritionist and dieticians have been trained to follow the FDA guidelines, which I personally don't trust or agree with. As one holistic doctor put it to me, "I've never met a skinny dietician." To help you on your search, I suggest signing up for Calorie to get the daily emails and tracking your calorie, fiber and protein intakes. Strive for 35 grams of fiber a day in natural form, nothing man-made. Good luck and stick with it, treat it like a lifestyle and not a diet.