Thursday, November 7, 2019

This Time I Really Found An Aluminum-Free Deodorant That Works!

I know, I know - I've made this proclamation before when I exclaimed that Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal Deodorant Stone was the real deal.

I'm sorry, I was...wrong.

At first, the stone was the bomb, worked beautifully...for a few months, then things started going south and I switched back to my aluminum-laced deodorant that I had shoved to the back of the cabinet in case things didn't work out.  But after using that for a few months, I would freak out over the aluminum and switch back to the stone, which worked for a few months and then slowly stopped working.

In retrospect, this was a disturbingly good thing.  What it forced me to realize was that I was absorbing all the chemical crap from the aluminum deodorant and that it was taking two months to work itself out of my system - that's why the stone appeared to be working. DISTURBING!

More motivated than ever to find an effective aluminum-free deodorant I tried one natural deodorant after another, until I finally found what I was looking for. not to make the same misguided proclamation to all of you again, I used said product for over a year and I'm still in love with its effectiveness!

Despite searching the world, the answer turned out to be in my own backyard - made right here in Lakewood, Ohio - Stem Soaps has crafted the perfect aluminum-free deodorant!

While they have the cutest little shop that deserves a drop-in, don't despair non-Clevenlanders, all of their products including this coveted deodorant is available online!

Check it out!

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