Friday, May 6, 2016

Personal Crudités

Ignore the onions, they were for another project.
My latest snack obsession centers on veggies & hummus.  Something about spring just makes my tastes buds crave raw food.

The own personal crudités...

As I am not a fan of the processing of baby carrots (treated with chlorine), I start with one bunch of organic carrots with the greens still intact (I hear they taste better that way).  I cut those into smaller pieces and leave the skins on.  Next, I chop two orange bell peppers.  I typically cook with red peppers, but found that the orange were sweeter and juicer when consumed raw.  Lastly, I quarter baby cucumbers - you may know them as pickling cukes.

I may be obsessed with nut milk...

All these veggies are divided up into five sandwich bags, so I can easily stash them in my lunch bag as I'm dashing off to work.  I found storing the pre-made bags in a meatloaf dish helps to keep the fridge tidy.

Add a scoop or two of oil-free hummus and you have yourself one tasty mid-afternoon snack!

Keep it healthy!

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